Having worked in a team of social innovators on the 2012 Social Safari case for the Environmental and Building Department (DMB) of Amsterdam. We are challenged to look into ways to make the Albert Cuyp market greener, and raise awareness of the issue of environmental sustainability among the people interacting with the market such as locals, salespeople, tourists. The Albert Cuyp Market is a great place to increase environmental awareness and can become a pilot to make markets more sustainable. At markets, much of the merchandise is sold off in plastic bags and there is a problem with litter at the end of the day. 

We decided bring representatives from the municipality to the market for a pop up think tank, where market vendors, customers, locals and tourist could come and brainstorm innovative solutions for linking profitability with sustainability. Our intervention is process in three stages:
  1. The representatives from the local authority would stand in a market stall helping sell market products. The aim is that this will help them understand the situation of the vendors better, as well as building relationship and understanding by taking part in the life of the market.
  2. The representatives from the municipality will sit on an table in the middle of the market brainstorming solutions with stakeholders in the marketplace. 
  3. The experiences and learning from the day pop up think tank would then be feed back to other colleagues at the municipality via videos, photos and stories from the brainstorms.

We found that by taking the discussions out of the office, and into the streets an entirely different dynamic was taking place between our main stakeholders. The results was a day of engaging, open and constructive brainstorming sessions between  representatives from the municipality, market vendors, local residents, tourists, local business owners and customers.

Find the Social Safari website here. 
Find the presentation here.
Find the blog here.

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Ek is beïndruk met jou gevolgtrekking ...
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