The concept focuses on an action oriented approach to increasing the effectiveness of multi stakeholder processes in disaster struck areas. Through research in Haiti, China and Indonesia, we found that the "development-triangle" (money, urgency and leadership) is out of balance: money and urgency are existent in high levels, there is however a lack of coordination and leadership. We feel that the litigation is currently more of an administrative or diplomatic matter, and see potential in facilitating the dialogue through the urban perspective. Hence, the urban realm is identified as an instrument to facilitate synergy among the variety of development initiatives different stakeholders deploy. Inter-organizational collaboration, ultimately enabling synergy among separate development initiatives, through a constructive stakeholder dialogue results in cohesive action. The mutual gains approach is identified as the method to address this stakeholder dialogue. We contribute to a resilient paradigm within post-disaster redevelopment through the facilitation interests of government, NGOs, IGOs, communities and the private sector.  

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