The next two decades of the 21st century will be characterized by an unprecedented momentum in human history. We will need to adapt do a new reality, social and spatial constructs will change as a result of a transition to a green society. This transition is in need of change makers, innovators and entrepreneurs. 

Knowledge institutes and cities recognize the role in supporting and keeping new firms in the area. Helping aspiring entrepreneurs establish themselves in the region early on may increase the chance they’ll remain permanently.The Entrepreneurship Academy will be doing everything possible to help start-ups take root.

Yesterday’s approach to innovation was through Education, by theory driven skills development. Today's approach to innovation is through Incubation; by process driven skill development. Tomorrow’s approach to innovation is experimentation; through experience driven skill development.The Entrepreneurship Academy inspires tomorrows entrepreneurs doing so by offering the experience of innovation to young entrepreneurs; combining skill and attitude to provoking initiative.

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