The Huygens Talent Circle (HUTAC) is a non-profit association formed by current scholarship holders and alumni of the Huygens Scholarship Programme. The scholarship, financed by the Dutch  Ministry of OCW, was a programme from 2005 to 2011 designed for excellent students from countries all over the world. It provided both international students the opportunity to pursue their studies in The Netherlands, and also Dutch students to study abroad. I have the privilege to address this international audience of young professionals at the HUTAC’s Annual Conference at Regardz Zilveren Toren in Amsterdam. The theme of the conference of 2012 is: “Changing Worlds: Growth in times of scarcity”. Representing Weaverbird, the subject of my talk is "innovation in a connected world"

The presentation focuses on the constantly changing landscape in which we live. High density cities provide for the ultimate interaction between people and ideas -- that's why cities are appealing to so many. In the next 40 years, 3.5 billion people will urbanize. As a result, we are challenged to transform the way we travel, manage water, cope with waste, use our land and produce energy. Such challenges cannot be dealt with in isolation and it requires more than just new technology or different rules. I have shared my experience in tackling transdisciplinary challenges through design thinking, which has proven to be effective for enabling transition as a result of its inclusive focus on connections and relations between people, their social constructs, organizations, environments, and technologies.

Find the Prezi here.

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